5 Helpful React Packages For Front End Design

React packages can add a lot of great functionality to an application. In this blogpost I am going to highlight some of the React packages I have discovered and implemented in my recent projects. Let’s take a look.

1. React Router


React Router is a package every React developer needs in their toolbox. Router allows you to create custom routes within your react application to navigate to different components. It takes a second to understand the flow and how it operates but it is a must have!

2. React Scroll


React scroll is great for implementing smooth scrolling into your application. It’s especially useful for nav bars and creating a smooth scroll transition to the selected tab. It is very quick and easy to implement and gives great control over customization with attributes like smooth scroll, delay, padding, duration of the transition, and much more!

3. React Anime


React Anime is a super easy way to implement awesome animations into your applications. Animations make any application more interesting and fun, with react-anime it is fairly easy to implement them to your components. Tread these waters carefully as you may get sucked into playing with animations for way too long(I did).

4. Styled Components


Styled Components is a great package for handling CSS styling within your application. It can be easy to overwrite css styles when creating class names for your elements, it can also get confusing. Styled components allow you to easily create small components with custom styling that are easy to reuse throughout your application.

5. React Slideshow


I recently just discovered react-slideshow when looking to implement one into my project and I was delighted. Their documentation is very easy to follow and super quick to implement! They support transitions like fades, and zooms as well!

I hope you guys check some of these out and let me know what you think!