Hosting Static Website on AWS Amplify(React)

If you are working on a static website and looking for a quick, easy, and efficient deployment of your project on AWS, look no further. I am going to be walking through a detailed process to host your static react application using AWS Amplify. Let’s get started.

  1. First navigate here to create your AWS account if you do not have one already.
  2. Navigate to Amplify using the search bar, and select “Host web app”.

3. Select Github

4. Select the repo where your app is located on your GitHub account with the “select repository” dropdown. It will then prompt you to select the branch. This allows you to have a continuous deployment relationship. Each time you push a commit, AWS will build and deploy your app with those changes.

5. Build Settings. I left this as default but here you can customize the build process for running certain tests and such.

6. Continue to “Next” and if everything looks as you want it, select “Save & Deploy on the preview page. That should bring you here:

Amplify will automatically run through the “Provision, Build, Deploy, Verify” steps and if everything went smoothly you should have green checks on each step of the process.

7. Navigate to “Domain Management” to see where you app is hosted.

You can add a domain or connect a domain from a 3rd-party service like Go Daddy in the “Add domain” tab.

That is it! Super easy, quick, and fast deployment for your React application.

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